Building Stone

Building Stone

When creating a new architectural plan, one of the most important aspects of the design is the material. There are obviously many options available, but nothing quite compares to building stone when it comes to visual appeal and functionality.

Loose Stone

The history of the stone

Doulting Stone originates from the Jurassic period. It was created from the deposits of rock and shell fragments in shallow coastal seas, layers of which were accumulated and then put under intense pressure to produce the natural Inferior Oolite stone we have today. This process is what has given the building stone its wonderfully unique appearance.

Why use building stone?

Building stone has a wide variety of uses in the construction industry. Whether you are looking for a modern finish or a something with a more rustic appeal, natural stone can be adapted to fit the required style of your project.

If you are looking to add an extension to an existing building, or are creating a new build in an area with an established historic feel, it is vital to use materials with an appearance that is in keeping with the existing buildings. This is where building stone demonstrates its advantages over the more modern brick materials.

Stone wall example
Wall being built

The rough, slightly irregular finish of building stone blocks is perfect for this kind of work. Even recently built additions won’t look out of place as the stone naturally provides an antiquated look that will fit in with the existing material. The colour of the stone also develops over time from a cream colour to a grey tinge, adding to the aged look.

However, building stone isn’t just for use on historic buildings or areas. It can also look thoroughly modern. Using stone with a smooth finish can give a brand new home or office building a really contemporary style.

Another advantage of using building stone for construction projects is that it is not limited to use for exterior walls of buildings. It can also be used to create beautifully unique interior walls, a bespoke fireplace, or even interesting garden features such as dry stone walls, paving or sculptures.

Building stone example

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