Architectural Masonary

Architectural Masonry

Natural stone is a very versatile material, making it perfect for use in architectural masonry projects. As an extremely durable substance, it is practical and functional so is ideal to use in construction work based on these traits alone. However, this is not the limit of the function of stone in construction. It can also be very visually appealing, creating strikingly beautiful buildings or features with a unique finish.


The origins of Doulting Stone

Doulting Stone is an Inferior Oolite, dating back approximately 170 million years to the Jurassic age. During this time, our stone began life as deposits of rock and shell particles in shallow coastal waters. These deposits accumulated in layers, and eventually under great pressure, formed the stone we quarry today. The shell fragments contained within the rock have created the amazing finish that makes our stone so beautiful.

Doulting Stone in architectural masonry

The stone that we excavate at Doulting Stone Quarry has a wide variety of uses in architectural masonry. Whether you are building a rustic split face wall for a farmhouse extension or a brand new modern-looking office block, natural stone is the ideal material to use for your project.

Natural stone adds charm and character to any building work. The unique pattern in the stone creates the appeal that brick just doesn’t bring to a construction project. Architectural masonry is not just about function, it’s also about bringing visual appeal to a structural design. This attractiveness can be found in the natural stone from Doulting Stone Quarry.

The wonderful thing about natural stone is that despite its strength, it can be adapted to whatever form is required. Our stonemasons can supply anything from old-fashioned, split face blocks, to circular window surrounds, door arches and balustrades. The natural stone can be carved to whatever form you require without compromising its stability.

Our stonemasons can even carve the stone into features for the garden. Finials and sculptures in stone are not only durable, but look fantastic when placed in a natural setting, and we can supply them to create the perfect finish to your project.

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