Doulting Natural Stone

Doulting Natural Stone

Natural Stone has many uses within the construction industry. It may not be the first thing that springs to mind when planning a building project, but its versatility is something that cannot be found in just any building material. With uses varying from exterior walling and paving to interior walls and even fireplaces, natural stone has the ideal combination of strength and durability, as well as being adaptable enough to carve without compromising its structure.


The stone that is excavated from Doulting Stone Quarry is a sedimentary rock dating back to the Jurassic period, known as Inferior Oolite. The sediments of this particular stone were deposited in relatively shallow coastal seas, which meant that shell fragments were included amongst the rock particles, resulting in a unique, natural stone.


The best thing about working with natural stone is that it can be adapted to fit just about any style required. Despite the age of the stone itself, it is not only suitable for use on projects involving historical buildings, like restorations or extensions, it can also be used to create a thoroughly modern feel to a new development, like an office block or apartment building.


Adding to its versatility, Doulting natural stone can be cut to a range of finishes to suit any design. A modern structure may benefit from blocks with a smooth finish, while extensions to existing properties with a more aged look may be better suited to the rustic-looking rubble walling. The wonderful thing about using natural stone is that it always gives the building unique character.

A thing of beauty

The character of the stone also means that it adds a touch of beauty to any project to which it is applied, and is much more visually appealing than some more commonly used building materials, such as brick. It is not something that is merely functional or practical because it also accentuates the attractiveness of brilliant architectural design, which is imperative with any building work.

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